Saad family is of 350+ members and is growing rapidly making Saad Mountaineers one of the leading and a very reputed mountaineering clubs in India.

In the span of 25 years 60 Saad members have attended Basic Mountaineering Course, 17 members have attended Advance Mountaineering Course, 7 members did Methods of Instruction Course, 5 members did Search and Rescue Course, 1 member did Alpine Course and 2 members have done Basic Skiing Course.

Saad Mountaineers is keen in spreading the word on mountaineering and therefore arrenges scholarships to those who attend Basic/Advance Mountaineering Course.

Apart from regular mountaineering activities Saad Mountaineers is also proud to have a library of 250+ books on mountaineering and related fields. Saad also takes keen interest in Social Activities like organizing Blood Donation Camps, Tree Plantation Drives, and visiting Adivasi villages in remote areas to distribute useful items/articles etc. to the tribals. Saad also actively participates in cleaning of Forts, Caves etc